Answering Your Most Asked Questions | Inside Ninja’s Head


Today I’m answering YOUR QUESTIONS. I do these every month! Do you have any questions for me? Drop them in the comments below and maybe yours will be on the next video!

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0:00-0:27 – If you could merge aspects of two games, what games would they be?
0:51 – Do you think physical health plays a role in becoming an esports player
1:41 – Any new releases you’re excited for?
2:01 – Do you think technology is advancing too quickly?
2:35 – Outside of gaming, what are some things that bring you joy?
2:57 – Any updates on movies and voice acting?
3:13 – What is your most life-changing purchase?
3:55 – What OBS do you think functions the best?
4:39 – Do you use a stream deck? Which one?
5:06 – What is one question about streaming that no one thinks to ask you?
6:34 – What vintage gaming system do you wish was still relevant today?
6:41 – How does it feel being so famous?


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